Thomas Felsberg


Felsberg e Pedretti Advogados
Av. Paulista, 1294, 2º andar
Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo, SP
01310-915 - Brazil

Tel: +55 (11) 3141-9101
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Thomas founded one of the most prestigious law firms in Brazil – FELSBERG E ASSOCIADOS. He is the author of several books and articles, participates actively as a speaker in congresses and conferences in several countries around the world.

In the Insolvency area, Thomas Felsberg is the sole Brazilian members of the “American College of Bankruptcy”, is also affiliated to several national and international entities, such as Member of the Legal Council of FIESP (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo); Member of Board of the International Insolvency Institute; Member of the Board of CESA (Law Firms Study Centre). President of the Association “Columbia University Alumni” of Brazil and First international member and former member of the board of Meritas. Additionally, Thomas Felsberg integrates the body of arbitrators of several arbitration and mediation chambers.

FELSBERG E ASSOCIADOS advises clients in all bankruptcy and insolvency matters. The firm is prepared to assist borrowers, across all business sectors, in their debt restructuring and business reorganization needs and provide counsel and support throughout the judicial process.

The firm is equally active in its representation of creditors in bankruptcy and receivership cases, as well as in negotiating agreements on behalf of creditors to recover amounts due by borrowers in financial distress. The firm has specialized in developing, with its clients, aggressive reorganization plans, which may include, for example: addressing funding and cash flow requirements (which may mean, for example, new partners or transfer of controlling interest); appointing professionals to occupy executive management positions; and new investment in the product lines, new technologies, marketing and execution prepared to meet the challenges of the competitive global marketplace.
The firm’s lawyers are well experienced in managing the varied and complicated relationships and partnerships among and between borrowers, financial institutions and other creditors, as well as creditor committees, consultants, advisers and others.

FELSBERG E ASSOCIADOS is part of an exclusive group of prominent law firms in Brazil with significant domestic and international presence. Its solid reputation is the result of its dedication and commitment to its clients – a strategy that has guided the firm’s business activities since it was founded by Thomas Benes Felsberg in 1970.

This commitment is evidenced by the variety of practices as well as the involvement and impressive educational and professional background of its members. The firm’s encouraging environment and belief in constant growth and development has strengthened its team’s experience and range of expertise in all areas of corporate law, making it a recognized and respected point of reference in the legal field.

Felsberg e Pedretti Advogados e Consultores Legais is duly enrolled in the Brazilian Bar Association – São Paulo Chapter, under No. 590, pages 301/304 of Book No. 4 of the Register of Law Firms.

Deeply respected founding partner Thomas Benes Felsberg heads the team and is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s leading insolvency experts.
Chambers & Partners, 2015