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Julio César Rivera Abogados
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C1015ABP Buenos Aires

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He is founding partner at Julio César Rivera – Abogados, and specializes in insolvency law (reorganization procedure, bankruptcy, debt restructuring and pre-pack agreements), international and domestic commercial arbitration, complex litigation, corporate law, banking law and civil law.

He graduated in 1970 (obtaining the Gold Medal) and obtained his Ph.D in Jurisprudence in 1974 at the Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad del Salvador. Before starting his private practice, he worked as First Instance Judge in Commercial Matters (1978-1982), and Judge of the Federal Court of Appeals in Commercial Matters (1982-1985). Since 1985 he has practiced as a lawyer and is the head of his own practice, with a team of 14 lawyers since 1993.

He is Professor of Civil Law at the Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (since 1984) and Professor of Contract Law at Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de San Andrés. He has participated as lecturer in over 300 conferences across the world.

In the annual polls published by Revista Apertura, he has been recognized as one of best five business lawyers in Argentina. He has also been selected by Chambers & Partners (Latin America, 2011) as a leading lawyer (band 1) in Bankruptcy/Restructuring and Dispute Resolution. He has also been ranked as a leader arbitrator (band 1) for Commercial Arbitration.
He is author of 18 books Cuestiones laborales en la ley de concursos (1982), Responsabilidad civil del síndico societario (1986), La ley de convertibilidad (1991, co-authored with Héctor Alegría), Instituciones de Derecho Civil – Parte General (1992), Instituciones de Derecho Concursal (1997), Ley de Concursos y Quiebras (2000, co-authored with Daniel Vítolo and Horacio Roitman), Arbitraje comercial internacional y doméstico (2007), Derecho Concursal (2010, co-authored with Darío Graziabile, José Di Tullio, Claudio Casadío Martínez y Carlos Ribera). His book Instituciones de Derecho Civil – Parte General (Civil Law Institutions – General) was distinguished as the best legal book published in the 1989-1993 period, with the Premio Academia Nacional de Derecho (Argentine Law Academy Award). The fifth edition was published in 2010.

He has written more than one hundred and eighty articles on matters of Civil, Commercial (Banking, Corporate, Insolvency and Bankruptcy), Constitutional and international Law, published in Argentina and other countries (including France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, and others).

He is a regular member of the Academia Nacional de Derecho de Buenos Aires as of November 1999; correspondent member of the Academia Peruana de Derecho; president of the Argentine Comparative Law Association; president of the Capítulo Rioplatense del Club Español del Arbitraje and member of the ICC Latin America Group; Vicepresident at Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje Comercial (CEMARC) – (Commercial Arbitration Centre); correspondent member of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT – Rome) and member of the Asociación Internacional de Juristas Andrés Bello (París).
Sources widely praise founding partner Julio Cesar Rivera, describing him as “a phenomenal lawyer, one the best in the market – his insolvency experience is unquestionable.”
Chambers-Latin America, 2013