Boris Frederiksen


Vester Farimagsgade 23,
1606 Copenhagen V

Tel: +45 33 15 20 10
Fax: +45 33 15 61 15


Boris Frederiksen represents the interests of the Danish state in connection with a number of business-related matters, including creditor positions and participation in refinancing/ reconstruction.

He has special experience with the protection of the Danish state’s creditor interests and all related aspects of this, such as administration of contracts, reorganisation negotiations, assessment of possible liability to pay damages/managerial responsibility, as well as establishment and management of guarantees and guarantee schemes.

Moreover, Mr. Frederiksen has, as a trustee, participated in a large number of bankruptcy proceedings where the Danish state had significant interests, including a number of major bankruptcy proceedings in the financial sector.

We provide a wide range of tasks relating to the safeguarding of creditor positions and the liquidation of – and in some cases reconstruction of – companies. Our starting point is that we act based on a creditor ‘s mandate. We assist include several government agencies with recovery tasks and safeguarding of creditor positions in relation to insolvent companies .

We act as both vendor -based supervision in connection with cash-flow problems and as a curator in a large number of bankruptcy.

In the majority of cases, direct client tax authorities, but the mandate to act as supervisor or trustee in these cases is in principle conditional support from the other creditors of the insolvent company .

Our work relates primarily to larger and more complicated insolvency complexes , often including cases of fraud elements.

In addition, we handle a variety of situations clients’ interests in relation to a bankrupt party to the contract , including the confrontation with and settlement of the contractual relationship.

Our firm is one of Denmark’s largest and most versatile law firms.

We are charged with the task as Legal Adviser to the Danish Government and the State is thus our main client. In addition to this we advise a large number of companies, typically related to the public sector in Denmark in areas where there are no conflicts of interest with the State.

We are professionally wide-ranging. The affairs of our public clients broadly cover every legal area of expertise. Many of our briefs are of general public importance or have in other ways a perspective going beyond the single case. And it is not least the broader perspectives on society which make our work exciting.

All in all, we handle more than 1,000 cases annually. Furthermore we have many different types of consulting assignments e.g. concerning public procurement and drafting of contracts. Across the board, a high standard of quality and a close dialogue with the clients are common features.


Boris Frederiksen is highly respected in the market and reputed for his insolvency and bankruptcy expertise. Sources describe him as an “exceptional insolvency practitioner with a high profile in this area.”
Chambers Europe, 2015